Business Areas to Utilize a Virtual Assistant

September 29, 2008

A Virtual Assistant can help increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (PRnine – September 29, 2008) – Virtual Assistants (VA) allow businesses to operate efficiently, improve productivity and reduce costs. A Virtual Assistant can act as an independent contractor and can execute a combination of tasks including administrative, technical and creative services for their clients. They work from their own offices, thereby reducing the need and costs of office space, employment taxes and operating costs and this type of online outsourcing also allows key employees to focus on core responsibilities.

E-Market Research
Research is a fundamental aspect of marketing and helps a company to establish their four “P’s” of marketing, Product, Price, Place (Distribution/Location) and Promotion. By outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant to utilize research tools such as those one on eBay and Amazon and only focus on research, a company can re-allocate valuable employee time to core tasks and pro-actively interpret the information to remain competitive.

In marketing, timing is crucial. It is imperative that a company receive up to the minute information on their target market. Activities like Google Adwords and Adsense tools can be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant and the client company can receive timely information about their market, what people are searching for and what they want to buy and therefore act upon it quickly. myTino also counts with the virtual assistant services restricted to small and medium enterprises that wish to start up a business in China or get product information.

Product Creation
A company’s product or service is what generates revenue. A variety of products or service can be created by a Virtual Assistant, the creation of visual media and e-books are two leading examples and even custom-made requests for these products can be successfully outsourced.

Other products not necessarily sold for profit but instead used to attract customers and online traffic. Auto-responders and various website visitor freebies like free e-books or e-courses also fall into this category.

Sales & Marketing
A product can be cutting edge and satisfies a market niche, but is no good if no one knows about it because there is no promotion. A Virtual Assistant can accomplish various aspects of the marketing process such as website design and creation, set up and manage partner programs, conduct an online campaign and various other sales and marketing tasks like article marketing and blogging, both very popular and effective methods.

The Virtual Assistant can focus exclusively on driving applicable traffic to the company’s website and make the product more widely known, increase the website ranking in the search engines and also perform other duties including sales calls, promotions in e-zines and newsletters, social networking and email campaigns.

Businesses can delegate a multitude of non-core activities to skilled professionals like Virtual Assistants, from administrative duties, press releases, copywriting and marketing, to web content, auto responders and countless others, the above areas of e-market research, product creation and sales and marketing only scratch the surface of what can be achieved to reduce costs and increase efficiency and productivity.

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