Top Secret International Pictures Announces World’s First Traveling Counter-Espionage Mission Code Name Pike

September 25, 2008

Innovation places the ultimate power in the hands of spy fans.

New York (PRnine – September 25, 2008) – At the heart of the Code Name Pike mission, is a plot to place the ultimate power in the hands of spy fans. If you love spy movies and you have what it takes to “be extraordinary,” then you are a perfect match for a one-of-a-kind thrill ride: an American prequel in the form of a traveling espionage mission.

Top Secret International Pictures and Are You a Spy Cinema, presents an espionage thriller starring the chosen among the American people. Based on seven years of research, the Code Name Pike Mission merges the magic of the world’s most financially successful marketing campaigns (in 172 industries, in 24 countries), with its own original formula and storytelling structure. Key elements of the mission are supported by a rotating advisory council of males, ages 18 – 34, and a complimentary team of mature enthusiasts, ages 35 – 55, all of whom are lovers of spy movies.

“I think what the fans have asked for is pretty reasonable. They want to be entertained and they don’t mind doing it themselves” says executive producer, Wenmarita™. “We are challenging them to do it on a superior level. It’s great fun but they have got to be willing to be extraordinary. We are living in a different era. In this wave of innovation, the fans can also be the masters.”

The Ridley Empire, the most dangerous espionage network in American history, has reinvented its operation. Now, a virtual enterprise, it spans eighteen states and twenty-eight countries.

To defeat them, the FBI has launched some innovation of its own: Two agents under a single identity, supported by a technological masterpiece known as “The Machine with Purple Eyes.”

Inside the mission’s virtual stratagem is the extraordinarily talented deep cover agent, Code Name Pike. Concurrently in the real world, his decoy, a highly skilled agent will stop at nothing to track key members of the Ridley Empire.

In the midst of their success, a conspiracy threatens the investigation. Pike’s decoy faces certain death after the unlawful exposure of his identity. The honorable David Jefferson Hearst, a retired, U.S. senator, intervenes with a plan and a team of financial mavericks. Now, for the first time in history, the chosen among the American people are at the center of a counter-espionage mission. Driven by a fervent desire to win, they must do more than their best. In order to beat the Ridley Empire, they must be extraordinary.

Partly told in an episodic format, the mission follows the rise of the Ridley Empire and the American people’s determination to establish moles throughout its network across eighteen states, while Miles James Fumiko, (The World’s First Espionage Mascot) fulfills his duty to raise the morale of his fellow Americans.

The mission begins its virtual landscape in the state of Texas on September 27th, followed by a top-secret real world production, specific to that state.

Chosen by Pike and Pike, Supervisory Special Agent Rob Sievens (a spy fan), will lead the Texan cast against the Ridley Empire.

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