Patagonian Luxury Artesian Water Lauquen Launches In Ireland

September 24, 2008

Lauquen Artisan Mineral Water, named among Forbes Traveler Magazine’s most luxurious bottled waters, will be carried at fine restaurants, hotels, and retail stores through Luxury Waters Ltd.

Dublin, Ireland (PRnine – September 24, 2008) – Luxury Waters Ltd. is bringing a taste of Patagonia, the southernmost reach of South America, to Ireland. The company represents Lauquen Artesian Mineral Water, which was recently named among the world’s most luxurious and expensive bottled waters by Forbes Traveler Magazine(r), and will be distributing the product to fine hotels and restaurants in Ireland.

Perhaps more so than wine, water carries a stronger sense of terroir since it is in direct contact with the earth. Lauquen is no exception, as it comes from an underground mountain fed aquifer located at the foothills of the Andes. To ensure the finest quality and capture the spirit of Patagonia, Lauquen is bottled at the source so it does not come into contact with air until it enters the unique bottle. All batches are subject to exhaustive checking, testing and tasting procedures before packaging and shipment to the customer.

Imbued by the character of the Andes and Patagonia, Lauquen imparts a delicate and distinctive taste that enhances the flavors of food and wine.

Lauquen is currently available internationally at The Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, Sofitel, Hyatt, Hotel Atlantic Kempinski, and Intercontinental Hotel Group, and many other exclusive hotels, restaurants, wine bars and premium retail stores. The company supports top sporting and cultural events worldwide, as it aims to promote the quest for excellence inherent in exclusive sports. Lauquen is present in the realms of golf, yachting, and the arts, and the Lauquen Polo team is active in promoting the sport globally.

Luxury Waters Ltd., currently based in South Dublin County, represents Lauquen in Ireland. The company imports and distributes Lauquen Artesian Mineral Water, available as still or sparkling in 250 mL or 750 mL bottles, to the Irish market. More information about the company and its product may be found by visiting or contacting the company by email at or phone at 01-6572573.

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