Hollywood Paws Graduate Dyson Cast in an Ed Hardy Advertisement

September 24, 2008

The photo shoot adds to Dyson’s credits through Hollywood Paws, which include television roles and appearances on various morning news programs.

Los Angeles, CA (PRnine – September 24, 2008)Hollywood Paws student Dyson, an eight year-old boxer, was recently cast in a photo shoot for an Ed Hardy advertisement. Dyson is a graduate of Hollywood Paws’ animal acting program whose credits have since grown to include roles in TNT’s The Engagement Ring, a TV pilot for Family Man, and a comedy skit with Jason Alexander. Additionally, the boxer has travelled through the United States to appear on various morning news programs.

The agency’s involvement in Dyson’s casting extends beyond providing him with the necessary training to work on the set of the photo shoot. Hollywood Paws lead trainer Joel Norton, a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona and Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training and Management, provided Dyson with transportation to and from the set since Dyson’s owner was unable to do so himself.

In addition to transporting Dyson to and from the set, Joel also supervised Dyson on the set to ensure the photo shoot went smoothly for all parties involved – including Dyson.

Although the agency is primarily works with animal talent, its human students are occasionally given a break into Hollywood as well. Former Hollywood Paws student Pamela Agramont was returning from a class with her pooch Lady when she was asked to be an extra on Law and Order. The agency’s location at Los Angeles Center Studios, the site of productions such as Numb3rs and Mad Men, places Hollywood Paws’ clientele in close proximity to casting agents and other entertainment industry players.

Hollywood Paws is an animal talent agency that provides classes in animal acting and animal training for individuals interested in breaking their pets or animal clients into the animal acting industry. Founded by Larry Lionetti, the company differs from other animal agencies since it works primarily with pets, as opposed to animal actors from kennels. The agency’s goal is to provide animals from loving homes and their owners with the necessary training to work on television and movie sets, in addition to other entertainment industry settings. The company also trains rescue animals in animal acting techniques to improve their chances of placement in loving homes. Hollywood Paws is currently looking into opening classes nationwide to ensure domestic pets are used in the entertainment business.

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