Enercon International Enters Consumer Market with Residential Energy Saver Slated for December 2008 Release

September 22, 2008

The device improves the accuracy of electrical meter readings to save consumers money on their energy bills.

Sioux Falls, SD (PRnine – September 22, 2008) – Energy conservation technology firm Enercon International, which has serviced numerous Fortune 500 companies since its inception, is making its first foray into the consumer market with its Full House Residential Energy Saver. The product, which recently finished prototype testing and is slated for a December 2008 release, reduces energy bills for consumers on the order of 14% to 25% by preventing electrical meters from reading heat waste as electricity.

“Many households are unaware that their electrical meters do not read their electrical usage accurately. Part of what homes are being billed for is unusable heat energy,” states Paul Saxton, a principal of Enercon International, “This is largely the byproduct our electrical grid system, which was designed 100 years ago.”

Enercon International, aware of the increased need for energy conservation, began to expand into the residential consumer market after their success in the industrial sectors. The company has offered similar services to various Fortune 500 companies, saving its industrial clients up to 40% on their electrical bills.

In addition to saving consumers money on their electrical bills, the implementation of the Residential Energy Saver also has the added effect of reducing the severity of power blackouts through more effectively gauging the amount of electricity actually in use.

“I am extremely proud of Enercon International’s Full House Residential Energy Saver and excited for its release,” says Saxton.

Enercon International is a South Dakota-based energy conservation technologies firm founded in 2000. In addition to the company’s products, Enercon International also offers consulting services. More information about Enercon International can be found at http://www.enerconbiz.com.

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