Energy Saving Ambient Air Clothes Dryer by Ford Invention Co. Out of Prototype Testing

September 22, 2008

The ambient air dryer circulates twenty times more air to dry clothes without using heat to save energy costs.

Las Vegas, NV (PRnine – September 22, 2008) – An energy saving ambient air clothes dryer is one step closer to becoming a fixture consumers’ homes.  Recently out of prototype testing, the ambient air dryer utilizes less energy than conventional natural gas and 220V electrical element clothes driers because it employs 110V and 12V power sources, and can be modified to run on solar power as well.  Additionally, the ambient air dryer, which works by circulating 20 times more air, does not heat damage clothes or present fire hazard because it does not create a flame to heat air to dry clothes.

“I am extremely excited about this product,” states Larry Ford, inventor of the ambient air dryer, “Everyone I’ve spoken with about this product thinks it’s a great idea and would love to have one in their homes.  ”

Instead of using heated air to dry clothes, the ambient air dryer utilizes a patented design to continually circulate twenty times more air through an 18 inch intake and exhaust system. Because of the amount of air the ambient air dryer circulates, it is able to dry clothes in the same amount of time as a conventional dryer, but without the fire hazard and heat damaging the clothes.

The ambient air dryer can be easily moved inside or outside thanks to set of wheels, and is ideal for all types of households looking to save money on energy bills.  Repair costs for the ambient air dryer are lower as it does not utilize as many specialized components as conventional dryers.  For households wishing to go extra green, the ambient air dryer can be easily modified to run on solar power.

Ford is currently looking for manufacturers to mass produce the ambient air dryer.

“That is the last step in this process before the ambient clothes dryer can be delivered to consumers,” he states.

More information about the ambient air dryer can be found by contacting Ford Invention Co. by phone at (702) 459-7747 or email at

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