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September 21, 2008 debuts a new sub-site dedicated to credit, loans and lending

New York, NY (PRnine – September 21, 2008) – Everyone in the United States and around the world knows that it’s a season of debts with the credit crunch that’s currently biting wallets, purses and bank accounts.

This is also the right time to look at every possible way to either stay off debt traps or fill the existing debt holes eating into your pocket with the best sources to be found off sites and online.

For this reason, has through its Loans portal; come up with the proper solution to help broke blokes with friendly loans while helping the debt-free folks stay off it as the case may be.

Some of the main topics of interest to loan finders are auto loans, personal loans, credit cards, payday loans and information on debt consolidation. These types of loans being some of the most searched words online can be found on the ‘Loans‘ page of

To help those who are also searching for loan providers, the Loans sub-site has a section that shows the current top loan providers rated by experts and consumers alike.

“Going through this regularly updated list on will help a great deal when looking to make a choice of where to go lending,” is what Mr. sydney fisher tells visitors to the site.

Personal loans on will give you a good sense of what it takes to borrow money for those unavoidable cash-strapped situations.

The webpage dedicated to Auto Loans is hosted and maintained by the same group to help people looking to get deals on wheels.

As for payday loans, these are best for workers who still consider month ends to be very far and would need some cash advance to help take care of their immediate needs.

Debt consolidation is meant for people who may have more than one debt or multiple debts that would best be merged into a single, manageable one.

There are those who are constantly looking for the best credit card deals on the web and would spend as much time as possible in order to secure one with a very low interest rate.

Regardless of your loan and debt requirements, you will find the right answers to your quest here on the pages of Meanwhile, you can also take some time to check out the latest news items on loans that are pertaining to the one you are looking for.

Articles and financial tips on managing everything that has to do with loans and written by expert hands can be found on this same site. Newsletters are readily available for visitors who choose to sign up for them. is also one site where you will find a quick loan calculator using the usual parameters i.e. interest rate, balance and terms of lending. This is useful for people who need to borrow at a moment’s notice.

“You are encouraged to take a brief browse through to fully appreciate the need for valuable information on loan financing.” That’s the final word from Mr. fisher as he welcomes new members on board the website.

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