Clinton, CT, Police Department and Boundless Security Systems, Inc., Team to Protect Field of Flags War Memorial

September 19, 2008

New, tunneled, ultra low bandwidth, digital video surveillance system protects Field of Flags war memorial and a town’s network.

Clinton, CT (PRnine – September 19, 2008) – The Clinton, CT, Police Dept. announces that it has teamed with Boundless Security Systems, Inc. ( of Newtown, CT to protect the Field of Flags War Memorial. The traveling memorial commemorates American service men and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. It has more than 4,700 American flags, one for each casualty, and is open to visitors until Oct. 4 on the lawn in front of the First Congregational Church in Clinton, CT.

“We needed to protect this memorial on an urgent basis, and Boundless Security Systems, Inc., answered our call for help,” says Major John Santry of the Clinton Police Department. “We were not only concerned about the security aspects of keeping an eye on this outdoor memorial, but also about the many IT aspects. We were especially concerned with putting video on our networks and making it available to those who need to see it. The system was set up and online the next business day after Boundless discussed the project with our IT department. Live video from two cameras overlooking the memorial is available for viewing on the town’s web site,, and on Boundless’ web site at

“There were both obvious and hidden challenges to quickly setting up and operating a digital video surveillance system to help protect the Field of Flags,” says Steve Morton, President and Chief Technical Officer of Boundless Security Systems, Inc. “The town already had a number of cameras at several locations in the town, but none viewing the memorial. The town hall is across the street from the memorial, so it was decided to put Boundless’ ultra low bandwidth, video-on-demand equipment and two cameras in the town hall. However, as the town’s IT dept. knew well, video has traditionally been a bandwidth hog, and they did not want to overload the town’s networks or its connection to the Internet with high bandwidth video. In addition, the town did not want to compromise its network’s Cyber security by opening more network access ports to the Internet for remote viewing of the video by both the police department as well as others.”

Morton continues, “Boundless specializes in digital video surveillance where communications bandwidth is precious. This is the case in most outdoor, mobile and temporary applications, and in many stationary applications as well where remote viewing is important. Boundless installed its ultra low bandwidth, Multi-Stream Video Server Compact, and two cameras, in the town hall, overlooking the memorial. One camera provides a wide-angle situation assessment view, the other, a close-up view. Boundless’ Multi-Stream Video Server provides many digital video streams for each camera, with different resolutions, frame rates and data rates, optimizing video for live and recorded viewing on a variety of devices. It continuously internally records better image quality than can be sent live. Boundless rapidly put together a complete, multi-level video system design. Boundless configured its Multi-Stream Video Server to produce video streams matched to the town’s needs and autonomously tunnel out through the town’s network to the Internet, avoiding any network setup issues, to a remote Boundless’ Tunneling Broadcast Server for video distribution, protecting the bandwidth of the town’s Internet connection, and configured a remote Boundless’ Transcode Server to convert two of the live video streams to a format suitable for viewing in Windows Media Player via an easily viewed web page. Boundless’ Control Panel, client live and recorded viewing, and searching, software, provides full access to Boundless’ equipment to the Clinton, CT police department.”


Clinton, CT, was founded in 1663 and overlooks Long Island Sound. It is located in Middlesex County, Connecticut, 38 miles south of the capital city of Hartford. Equidistant from New York and Boston, it is within comfortable commuting distance of the metropolitan industrial centers of New Haven, Middletown and New London. Clinton is contained within 17.2 square miles and has 72 miles of town roads with an estimated population of 13,500.

Boundless Security Systems, Inc.,, is a manufacturer of ultra low bandwidth, digital video surveillance systems. Boundless is a woman-owned small business founded in 2003. Boundless specializes in outdoor, mobile and temporary applications over wireless wide area networks, where bandwidth is precious. Boundless’ equipment has been used on five continents, with wired and wireless Internet connections, using cellular, satellite and WiFi wireless wide area networks.

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