EdgeMarketing.info Offers i-Vo Network Marketing Opportunity

September 18, 2008

Demand for the firm’s Internet Video Overlay Technology leads firms to seek potential consultants through a network marketing opportunity.

Los Angeles, CA (PRnine – September 18, 2008)Internet video overlay (i-Vo) technology is an increasingly popular form of online marketing used to communicate targeted messages to web surfers used by many major companies to advertise their products and promotions. EdgeMarketing (http://edgemarketing.info) is offering enterprising individuals the opportunity to capitalize on this emerging trend as consultants to sell the company’s i-Vo services.  Because i-Vo is an internet technology, this network marketing opportunity provides high commissions since no manufacturing and shipping costs are involved.

i-VO technology uses a transparent video overlaid on the website to produce targeted messages to consumers.  These messages are designed to improve traffic by one or a combination of the following: welcoming the customer to the website, highlighting site features, and encourage behaviors, such as filling out a form.  EdgeMarketing.info sells i-Vo packages for personal or commercial use.  These packages allow clients to create an i-Vo add-on to their website without having to hire a separate programmer or web designer.  i-Vo videos produced through EdgeMarketing.info also allow clients the option of using a spokesmodel to more effectively engage the web surfers.

The demand for EdgeMarketing.info’s  i-Vo service had led the company to hire consultants on a network marketing basis.  To provide prospective i-Vo consultants an incentive, each i-Vo consultant will be offered commissions on their referrals, in addition to a commission based on their sales.  Sales commission are $100 for each $349 sale, plus 20% of the impression fees.   Consultants will also be given a 10% commission on their referrals’ referrals, 5% at the next level, and so forth.  EdgeMarketing.info’s i-Vo consultant opportunity is ideal for anyone seeking additional income, and act as a full-time job or a supplemental income source.

More information about EdgeMarketing.info, the company’s products, or i-Vo consultant opportunity may be found at http://edgemarketing.info.

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