My Pempek’s “Nature’s Creatures” Teaches Children Foreign Languages

September 18, 2008

The multilingual children’s book is filled with engaging verse and immersive color illustrations to teach youngsters French, Spanish, and English.

Ottawa, Canada (PRnine – September 18, 2008) – Canada-based My Pempek Publishing is marching its way into the hearts of children with the publication of its first release, Nature’s Creatures, an exciting illustrated multilingual book that encourages youngsters to explore new languages. Filled with colorful verses and imaginative illustrations, Nature’s Creatures actively engages children to make connections between words in English, French, and Spanish. The 30 page hardcover book is the first of many titles to be release by the My Pempek Publishing team, which focuses on the delivery of quality and affordable educational materials.

“Being able to speak multiple languages is an increasingly important skill in today’s world, and cultivating that ability at a young age not only helps children learn and retain languages more easily, but complements and furthers their overall intellectual growth,” states Anastasia Valentine, founder of My Pempek Publishing.

Nature’s Creatures uses catchy verses that are easily set to tune in conjunction with dazzling illustrations to reinforce the learning processes and foster creativity among children. The musical quality of the verses help children memorize, repeat and retain words from the book in multiple languages, while the dynamic illustrations engage children’s imagination. Driven by her love for children’s capacity for imagination, illustrator Jo-Anne Guindon set out to create a visual representation of the verse that could also easily be set to the child’s own story.

“The creative freedom I enjoyed while working on Nature’s Creatures was quite inspiring. I wanted to give each character its own personality: a lady bug adds spots by sporting a polka-dot bikini, while caterpillars wear high heels and spiders knit countless pairs of socks. I wanted the illustrations to complement the text, but I also wanted them to have vibrance to encourage children to use their own imaginations and create their own stories,” states Guindon, “The integration of Anastasia‚Äôs nature photography, while somewhat challenging, added a wonderful depth, texture and movement to the illustrations that I am sure both children and parents alike will love.”

Central to My Pempek’s foundation is the company’s commitment to delivering high quality educational titles that are also affordable. “There are many choices for educational children’s books on the market today, but many are priced highly. We believe that books, because of their fundamental role in a child’s growth and education, should be priced within range of one’s pocketbook so our products are attainable by all,” says Valentine.

The full color, hard covered book, priced at $15.00 Canadian funds plus shipping, is currently available at the company’s website at

My Pempek is an independently owned and operated publishing company currently based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada focused on delivering high quality educational children’s books. The company is looking forward to expanding the distribution of its products in the near future.

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