7Spins.com Online Casino Welcomes Football Season

September 18, 2008

7Spins.com Online Casino offers special promotion for the football season.

Costa Rica (PRnine – September 18, 2008) – In celebration of football season 7Spins.com online casino is giving away anyone who deposits $100 or more into their account with 50% match bonus on top of their regular promotion. All you need to do to score our “Free Kick” is ask 7Spins.com Casino 24/7 live customer service on the client for the “Free Kick” bonus but before you take the “Free Kick” make sure you have received the regular bonus as well.

“Its a refreshing experience for all players who wish to take advantage of our new football season bonus and play with the feel of a brick and mortar casino gaming house,” says John Valley who is the CMO of 7Spins Casino.

“7Spins.com revolutionary casino software is what many of the players will find out that they have been looking forward to, in order to enjoy what can be defined as lot’s of fun and that’s why we keep the bonuses and special promotions coming, mixing NFL with Casino Games is the classic combination by many players” mentioned Valley.

7Spins Casino was built on the state of the art platform by Top Game, who is becoming a new leader in online gaming experience. While building the software for 7Spins Casino, Top Game focused on 3 pillars of quality. These pillars are game satisfaction, player entertainment and customer service. They have done this with great success as 7Spins Casino is currently one of the most reputable online casinos and is accepting US players as well.

7Spins Casino features elegant and clean graphics that come with the convenience of fast load times and the ability to multi-task a table or a game. This gives you the ability to open up to 9 different tables / games and access each of them with the click of a button. 7Spins Casino is also known for their highly rated customer service. Each game table has a help text box where you can talk to a staff member anytime you have a question regarding the games or software. Overall, 7Spins Casino offers one a classic and powerful online gaming experience.

Having launched one month ago, 7Spins.com is proving to be a success, offering over eighty games including: Roulette, Blackjack, Video Slots, Classic Slots, Video Poker, Keno and more.

“Our main goal is to keep our user base 100% satisfied and be able to maximize their bonuses and promotions on special events” commented Valley.

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