Today, Electronic Documents Have Legal Validity In A Court Of Law. But How Do You Prove They Haven’t Been Tampered With?

September 16, 2008

Proprietary new technology brings state-of-the-art protection to electronic documents.

Irvine, CA (PRnine – September 16, 2008) – Until recently the only way to prove the authenticity and integrity of an original document in a court of law was to have it notarized and time stamped. That was fine before businesses went electronic. Today, e-documents have legal validity in courts of law. 21st century communications require 21st technology protection.

“Unfortunately” explains Darcy Mayer, founder and CTO of DocVerify, an Orange County based provider of document security services, “with time stamping technology there’s no way to guarantee that the original had not been tampered with or adjusted subsequent to time-stamping. And hackers and forgers are always less than half a step behind. Obviously, the Department of Defense uses sophisticated methods to protect their electronic documents. We thought it was time to bring that same level of protection to individuals and to the business world.”

The result: DocVerify—the first top-tier Document Verification system that lets you guarantee the authenticity and integrity of any signed document right from your browser. “This is clearly a major leap in convenience”, says Darcy “as well, of course, as a leap in security for people like realtors and lawyers who need to be able to prove that their documents are absolutely the originals and have never been tampered with in any way whatsoever.” DocVerify’s top-tier protection for electronic documentation is expected to be of considerable value for individuals and businesses needing to authenticate agreements, contracts, wills, trusts, deeds, mortgage disclosures, good faith estimates, intellectual property, etc.

Deeper levels of protection

“First your document is protected using advanced encryption, and also assigned unique digital fingerprints for authentication and integrity” says Mayer. “Then, DocVerify time stamps it to the second in coordination with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) assuring that the document was uploaded to DocVerify on the stated date, hour, minute, and second. You’re then provided legal certification that you DocVerify-ed your document as of the aforementioned time. Your document is processed, bar coded and stored securely within our system. And once DocVerify’d the document cannot be altered in any way”

“From a convenience perspective, DocVerify is ideal for anyone in any business who needs to be able to quickly and easily have an electronic document ‘locked’ in as of a certain date and time right from their browser”, says Mayer. “From a security perspective DocVerify is unique insofar as it adds a second level of encrypted security to any document virtually guaranteeing that it can’t be hacked into and tampered with or altered in any way. That’s the level of security the government requires. Anyone whose business relies on electronic documents can now enjoy that same level of security. We like to say that if it’s important enough to be put in writing it’s important enough to DocVerify it.”

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