JOHNCOWtv Is Taking The MMO Market By Storm

September 16, 2008

A new concept in MMO has been launched for those who want to make the most of their online business. JOHNCOWtv is sweeping the market after its launch in September with their new and original approach.

Houston, TX (PRnine – September 16, 2008) – Unveiled to the public on September 12, 2008 JOHNCOWtv is going to change the world of online money making forever. The new owners, Archon Media, whose success includes a company that has been making 7 figures a years for the last three years in a row, is making another success out of JOHNCOWtv.

The company has been giving away their secret to making money online blogging. Their belief is that anyone can make money on the internet if they stop doing the same thing everyone else is doing a find a way to stand out. Standing out instead of blending in with the rest of the crowd when it comes to providing a product or service is what they believe will determine success or failure.

The products they are providing show the average person how to make money online by providing unique and ‘out of the ordinary’ tips that will work. The idea is certainly catching on and more people are going to JOHNCOWtv to find out how to make money with online blogging.

Archon Media is not a novice at providing the tools needed to become a success. They have been turning companies around by making the concept fun and entertaining as well as educational. Their free e-book “How to Build a Business Not Just a Blog” is downloaded over and over daily as people are finding this exciting new way of turning their business around to make money online.

The advertising at JOHNCOW can be the boost any company’s needs with over 750,000 page views a month. To get the word out about a company and reach the highest number of people, they believe their method speaks for itself. Proof of their unique exposure of any business to the vast market available is the fact that their readership is growing daily.

They also have other innovative options to explode any business into a money making machine. They want to help individuals serious about MMO (making money online). Several advertising options are featured along with different prices for getting the most out of any company.

The very concept of advertising using extraordinary methods to get a company noticed rather than being one in a crowd of millions who are struggling to become successful is what makes this business different.

They invite everyone to take a tour of their blog and download a copy of “Build a Business Not Just a Blog.” It is absolutely free and has over 130 pages of information on how to make a success of any business and the proven methods of doing this. Interested parties desiring more information on this business, are asked to go to and check it out.

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