Hollywood Paws Students Take a Bite Out of Burger King

September 15, 2008

Hollywood Paws Students Bodhi and Buck star in a television ad for a new Burger King product.

Los Angeles, CA (PRnine – September 15, 2008) – Fast food chain Burger King is serving up a large advertisement campaign for a new product in their Latin American market and recently signed Hollywood Paws students Bodhi and Buck to be a part of the action. The dogs were cast at the agency’s Los Angeles location based on their mixed-breed pedigree in combination with their photo and video reels.

Although Buck is a Hollywood Paws veteran, whose credits include Jackass 2 and a Toyota commercial, Bodhi is a Hollywood Paws newcomer who had only taken two classes at the time of his casting. It is rare for a current student to be submitted for jobs, especially so early in training, but because his look fit the casting request, Hollywood Paws went to extra lengths to make sure Bodhi would be well prepared for the shoot. His regular training was postponed while the trainers focused on teaching Bodhi the necessary behaviors for the job.

Classes at Hollywood Paws emphasize training animals to focus, as distance and distraction are the main barriers to success on set. The shoot location of Miami presented extra challenges to the animals, such as working in extreme temperatures and staying in their crates for a ten hour flight, but Buck’s and Bodhi’s Hollywood Paws training shined through during this difficult assignment.

Once on location, the dedication of Hollywood Paws’ trainers and the animals’ owners paid off, as both Buck and Bodhi both performed amazingly – even taking commands from over a block away across a two lane street – and coped well with working in a new place in the heat. Preparation for the shoot involved strong collaboration between both trainers and the animals’ owners, who took their pets to the Hollywood Paws studio on a daily basis in the weeks leading up to the job. Norton and Wusstig also made regular visits to the animals’ home, where they continued training Buck and Bodhi with the help of their owners.

The animals also enjoyed star treatment while on location, which included a stay at one of Miami’s best five-star hotels. Their dog-friendly room included swag bags filled with dog goodies waiting for them upon their arrival, private dog beds, and access to the pool. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say their experience was absolutely paws-itive!

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