Wisconsin Loss Mitigation Offers Financial Assistance to Distressed Homeowners

September 15, 2008

The agency’s services provides homeowners with a comprehensive alternative to non-profit foreclosure agencies, which are often limited to loan modification.

Milwaukee, WI (PRnine – September 15, 2008) – Many non-profit foreclosure prevention agencies are forced to turn away clients when they realize homeowners do not qualify for loan modifications due to payment delinquencies, in spite of the fact that additional solutions exist. A consortium of local Milwaukee attorneys, real estate agents, home ownership counselors and loss mitigation counselors spearheaded by Wisconsin Loss Mitigation offer an alternative for homeowners in the state who wish to avoid foreclosure on their properties. Services offered by Wisconsin Loss Mitigation employ a comprehensive approach towards loss mitigation and home ownership retention by including home ownership counseling, foreclosure prevention, and sales terms negotiation, in addition to loan modification.

“The rate of foreclosures in the Milwaukee metro alone – a 56 percent increase from the same period last year according to the Mayor’s office – makes the inability of non-profit agencies to provide homeowners with a range of solutions beyond loan modification a troubling reality,” states Nic Quiles III, a Principal and Partner of Wisconsin Loss Mitigation, “Our organization fills this service void by offering a comprehensive set of services.”

While the nature of the services offered under the public-private partnership of Mayor Barrett’s Milwaukee Foreclosure Partnership Initiative remain unclear, Wisconsin Loss Mitigation offers concrete services for homeowners in need of advice or assistance, and the agency has been invited to the ground floor planning of the Mayor’s initiative on September 18, 2008.

The agency’s aim is to minimize the foreclosure rates in the Milwaukee area by offering solutions beyond loan modification, and to mitigate loss for homeowners for whom there is no other recourse. The legal and real estate resources available to Wisconsin Loss Mitigation through the agency’s partnerships provides the company the ability to negotiate favorable terms for homeowners, whether it be loan modification or arrangement of partial claims to prevent foreclosure, or loss mitigation through the execution of short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure. The agency also offers financial assistance and case management services to Wisconsin residents facing foreclosure due to a temporary financial crisis.

Wisconsin Loss Mitigation also educates homeowners about the resources available to them and the realities of owning a property through its home ownership counseling services and a series of seminars. Consultation services, which begin at an initial fee of $99, are provided both on-site, at the agency’s office in Glendale, WI, or off-site at the client’s residence or place of work. More information about the agency’s extended services can be found by visiting them at http://www.wisconsinlossmitigation.com or calling at 414-847-6495.

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