Announces Blackjack Made For U.S. Players Only

September 13, 2008

The thrill and excitement of Blackjack restricted to only U.S. players now features on

New York, NY (PRnine – September 13, 2008) – As one of the most popular card games in off and online casino games, blackjack has made its debut to and is here to stay. However, the blackjack delight is focused on U.S. players for now.

Casino States Online has come up with blackjack to cater for the needs of U.S. online gamers especially for players whose specialty rests on this particular type of game. For regular visitors and patrons of, you will find a brief rundown on blackjack which is simply meant to enlighten you more on the card game.

“Although there are different versions of blackjack, the most basic type is what Casino States chooses to give off to aficionados who should not be forced to play other online casino games due to the absence of this one,” says Mr. Lopez, Chairman/CEO of Casino States Online.

By adding blackjack to the other types of casino games on offer at, it has succeeded in making all visitors and players to the site happier and freer to make their choice of what to play.

There is no doubt that has carried its step further in ensuring that its players are well satisfied with its level of service. The site’s online customer care is readily available to all the games which also include the blackjack card delight.

Whether its hits or hands, blackjack from Casino States has all it takes to make its online players as versatile and dynamic with their games as possible. The blackjack software from affords a player to execute all the tricks in the books – from insurance to splitting then double down.

In an interview with the Chairman of Casino States Online, Mr. Lopez said, “we did a thorough homework to know what exactly most players wanted in a blackjack game so we came up with one that is aimed at new, average and advanced players.”

Players are satisfied with the features of the new blackjack tailor-made to the satisfaction of majority of the game’s players. The launch of the blackjack software for U.S. players only has gone a long way in relieving many of them from having to play different games using multiple platforms.

“The initial talkback coming from some of our U.S. players who are into blackjack games shows that Casino States has through the game’s software, made a positive statement on the online gaming industry,” Mr. Lopez asserts during the interview.

Given Casino States’ desire to help U.S. casino gaming fans achieve an in-depth knowledge of the exciting game, the tips given in the Strategy Section will come in handy during the course of games such as blackjack.

It is only a matter of time before the word is spread out to more and more of Casino States’ U.S. players as the N°.1 blackjack and online casino gaming site available on the web.

There is no better way to describe a blackjack experience with than to go for a try. Remember that your first deposit will also be matched dollar-for-dollar which guarantees bigger value for your bucks.

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