Drugs, Violence, Fraud and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Confronted in New Ads from AdVille

September 12, 2008

Embezzlement, kickbacks, lawsuits, stolen trade secrets plus a host of other problems in the workplace can all be nipped in the bud by confidential reporting for employees. In an edgy new advertising campaign created by AdVille for Ethical Advocates of North Carolina, potential troublemakers up and down the corporate ladder are hidden deep in the shadows, only their eyes revealing the unsavory acts they’re up to.

Los Angeles, CA (PRnine – September 12, 2008) – “Who Is Sexually Harassing Who? – And What Will It Cost You?”, “Which Vice-President Is Embezzling To Feed What Vice?” and “Four of Your Five Managers Aren’t Committing Fraud” are just three of the questions aimed at employers posed in a new campaign for Ethical Advocates by the AdVille Advertising Agency of Los Angeles.

Ethical Advocate enables employees to report, in total anonymity from their employer, any wrong-doing and unethical practices. The serious nature of these thorny and expensive issues is starkly brought home in the ad campaign with ordinary office workers made to appear sinister and potentially guilty of the misconduct.

A boutique agency founded by Madison Avenue veteran David Samson and British-born designer Martin Archer, AdVille specializes in offbeat campaigns for those clients who want to create buzz, outflanking their competitors not in terms of sheer dollars, but with market savvy and media innovation.

“We don’t believe in hiding our work behind a lot of fancy ad-speak,” says David Samson. “Our approach is very simple. We put all our creative work, every single ad we’ve ever done, right on our website. So that potential clients know exactly where we’re coming from – and what they’re getting themselves into – the instant they visit us.”

Elaborating on this point, Martin Archer adds that many ad agencies seem to have adopted the same pretentious lingo to describe themselves. “How many times have I seen worn-out phrases like Client-Centric, Cross-Platform, Customer-Focused, Results-Obsessed, Breakthrough-Branding or Out-Of-The-Box-Thinking being tossed about by our competition? I say cut-to-the-chase already. Don’t keep saying what you’re going to do – just show me what you’ve done or shut up!”

AdVille has been actively involved in the advertising arena since 2005 and has successfully developed strong relationships with graphic design, web site development, media sales, market research, consulting and communications organizations. Its extensive client list includes national firms as well as emerging businesses. The agency’s creative perspective is expressed by the watchwords: Love Your Advertising!

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