Relief Organization To Treat One Milllion In Haiti

September 10, 2008

Planting Peace starts distribution of one million treatments of medication and multivitamins to Haiti’s hungry.

Miami, FL (PRnine – September 10, 2008) – Planting Peace began its storm related relief efforts today in Haiti, due to the dire effects of Hurricane Hannah and Ike.

It is only today that we have been able to begin our physical support; as roads have been blocked, due to land slides and flooding. We will be distributing at least one million treatments of deworming medication, hundreds of thousands of vitamin packs, and approximately one-hundred thousand prenatal vitamins

Haiti is the second hungriest Country in the world, and now with the detrimental forces of Mother Nature, Haiti’s remaining crops and farms have been wiped out; famine is inevitable. Deworming medication will play a crucial role in containing famine as worms eat up to 20% of a child’s nutritional intake

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