Computer Generated Composition as a Model of Musical Creativity: Can Computers be Creative?

September 9, 2008

LvB’s newly released Virtual Music Composer produces melodies using a mathematical algorithm.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (PRnine – September 9, 2008) – Software developer LvB released Virtual Music Composer 3.0, a digital musical composition software that generates musical motifs and themes based on user-defined samples. The program is designed to help musicians compose musical pieces by providing them with melodies based on settings inputted by the user.

Virtual Music Composer generates melodies based on a set of samples through random cryptographic and steganographic mathematical algorithm. Although only a few sample melodies are inputted by the user, all melodies created from the settings by the Virtual Music Composer are unique as it is extremely rare that two melody outputs will be the same. Because of this, all samples produced by the program become copyright of the end-user. The program is designed as an aid for musical composers, and only generates melodies.

Virtual Music Composer 3.0 is available for use with Windows(r). A version of the software is currently under development for use with Macintosh(r) operating systems. More information about the product can be found at

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