Photographer Paul Czernik Launches Million Faces Project

September 9, 2008

Photographer seeks to create the biggest picture on the Internet using one million user submitted photos.

Las Vegas, NV (PRnine – September 9, 2008) – The anonymity and size of the internet may not be something people think of often when they are browsing a website, but photographer Paul Czernik is attempting to bridge the computer divide that separates many internet users through his Million Faces Project, which can be found at The project’s goal is to create the biggest picture of the internet through collecting one million user submitted photos of themselves.

“I’ve always wanted to create something that will make people stop and look” states Czernik, a 29 year old photographer.

Czernik plans on displaying the resulting image on a touring street exhibition in Europe and the United States once he collects all one million photos. In the meantime, he is encouraging internet users to visit his website and submit a photo of themselves by offering a Nikon D300(r) camera as a raffle prize. All participants who submit a photo of themselves are entered in the raffle, and the winner will be selected in a public drawing once the project obtains 1,000,000 user photos.

Users may submit a comment about themselves or the photo when they upload their photos. To eliminate the need to prepare a photo prior to submission, a photo editor is included with the uploader tool.

Currently, Czernik’s project is self-financed. Users may help support the project financially by making a small donation. In exchange, their photographs will be displayed on the front page as a link to their personal webpage.

Photography is a lifelong passion of Czernik, who is an academy trained graphic designer who develops websites for a living. The Million Faces Project is Czernik’s first non-commercial artistic venture.

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