UEI Releases iPhone and iPod Touch Handwritten Note Application ZeptoPad 1.5

September 9, 2008

The new features build upon the already unique handwritten note-taking application which works with the user through an intuitive design.

Tokyo, Japan (PRnine – September 9, 2008) – Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. (UEI) announced the release of the ZeptoPad 1.5 upgrade, which incorporates new display options and functionalities. Unlike most note-taking applications, which focus on memorization, Zeptopad is designed to support the act of thinking. In addition to its handwritten note-taking capabilities, Zeptopad also functions as a text input, directory and worksheet sharing software.

“The application was designed to let users sketch without limitations,” states UEI CEO Ryo Shimizu, “Zeptopad allows users to write and draw on their iPhone with a freedom that rivals the experience of using a paper notebook.”

Zeptopad now allows users to copy and paste multiple figures and texts and offers three display modes (plain, ruler, and grid) to support users’ note-taking needs. The upgrade also builds off the move function included in the previous version through enhanced visualization options, which include the rotate, expand and shrink functions for imported and drawn images. Drawings may be quickly displayed on a single screen through a newly added zoom-out function. Other added capabilities include the redo function, which provides users with a greater level of control to edit content. The resolution of images is increased in the upgrade to 128×128 pixels, while the maximum number of savable worksheets and paths has been increased to 320 and 256 respectively. Given the global reach of the App Store, ZeptoPad’s help page will now be available in eight different languages, including English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.

UEI is a technological development company currently headquartered in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. The company specializes in the development of services based on technologies adopted by Japan’s Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA)’s Exploratory Software Project. More information about UEI can be found at the company’s website, http://www.uei.co.jp.

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