Christian Music Mogul Allies with Party Leaders at Democratic National Convention

September 9, 2008

Promoter Rick Hendrix, who played instrumental roles in launching the careers of musicians such as Garth Brooks, is now setting his sights on the American political scene.

North Carolina (PRnine – September 9, 2008) – After years of bringing Christian music to the American mainstream, music mogul Rick Hendrix is bringing his own brand of faith and politics to the Democratic Party and turning heads in both red and blue states across the country. Hendrix, a former BMG Music promoter who has played an instrumental role in the mainstream popularization of Christian music and the “positive music” movement, announced earlier this month his intention to run for U.S. Congress in the 2010 midterm elections. The Democratic Party has responded in kind to his congressional aspirations by helping to organize the “Rick Hendrix U.S. Congress 2010″ exploratory committee. His political goals have been helped by recently serving as a US Presidential Delegate representing North Carolina in the Democratic National Convention, and also as an advisor on the Faith Outreach Committee for Senator Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

In addition to his service to the Democratic Party, the “simple man from the hills of North Carolina” has built a promotion empire that has generated a quarter of a billion record sales since the 1990′s. The Rick Hendrix Company, with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Nashville, handles a third of all positive and Christian music heard on contemporary American radio. Most recently, Hendrix’s company was honored with their 251st Platinum Album Award for their work on Mariah Carey’s “Charmbracelet” album, which has sold over one million copies.

Hendrix’s extensive involvement in the Christian and positive music industries, his deeply held Christian faith, and his commitment to Democratic politics have placed him at the crossroads of religion and the American political landscape in what looks to be another divisive year for American politics. Hendrix, however, does not draw a sharp distinction between his faith and his politics. Rather, he sees the two as complementary and will be running on a platform of “peace before politics, wisdom before war, and God before government.” In support of his position Hendrix says that “Politics are sometimes about an individual’s quest for power, but my Christian faith and political ambition is about loving others, and helping everyone towards the common goal of peace. I seek political placement because it will give me the opportunity to create change, not demand it.”

Few at the convention were left in the dark about Mr. Hendrix’s political plans. At the Vanity Fair and Google DNC parties, Hendrix made his political aspirations clear to party notables such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Madeleine Albright, John Kerry, General Wesley Clark, and the Clintons. In response to his favorable reception by party notables Hendrix states, “This is amazing. God is working here – he has seasoned me for this place in my life. I am praying for his guidance as we walk through the doors of change for America’s citizens.”

The 38 year old cites Barack Obama as an inspiration, as it was not too long ago that the young Senator from Illinois propelled himself into the national spotlight at the 2004 Democratic Convention with a captivating speech that riveted millions. After this year’s Democratic National Convention showcase of the party’s new and rising young stars, many Democrats are hoping that lighting will strike twice with Rick Hendrix.

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