Video-Encoding Software Allows Companies To Stream Their Own Videos

September 9, 2008

Until recently, the software that is required to encode and stream high-quality videos online has been limited in scope. But, the landscape is beginning to change. dzine it, inc., a New York web design/development and programming company promises to give any company the means to easily include engaging videos on their website without having to rely upon 3rd party encoding applications.

New York, NY (PRnine – September 9, 2008) – Online video is quickly becoming the new frontier of instantly-consumable content. Many companies are looking to video as the most potent way to reach their audience. Rather than trying to connect to their customers and leads through written content only, they’re using high-quality video streams to catch the attention of website visitors. However, the tools required to upload, encode and stream these videos have been lackluster.

“The people who come to my website want good information. But, they want it delivered by video,” says Dave, an employee-screening specialist. “Some people like to read the content on my website. But, more often than not, they want to watch it. I need an easy way to make that happen.”

dzine it, inc. has developed an alternate solution (VIDEX) that allows companies to provide content to their website visitors in the format they demand. By using the same technology as YouTube, dzine it, inc.’s new video-encoding software can be used by multinational corporations or the small business owner to provide interactive content through clear video streams.

“This is not a new technology just alternative means to encode videos on your own server.,” says dzine it, inc. Director of software Development , Kenneth Herbert. “When people visit websites, they want to watch the content instead of merely reading it. Companies have known this for a while. But, robust tools haven’t been available…in an easy to use or understand format.”

dzine it, inc. designed VIDEX video-encoding software to respond to a growing trend amongst businesses. More than ever, consumers expect to watch videos online. Companies need a way to easily convert their videos so that they can attract new customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers.

“We’re entering an era where written online content will soon take a backseat to video content,” says dzine it, inc. President, Peter Crisafi. “YouTube and Google were quick to recognize the signs. Today, companies of all sizes need the tools to quickly deliver that video content to their visitors. That need will continue to grow. We can offer the solution.”

dzine it, inc. VIDEX software allows any business to leverage the latest video technology to interact with their customers, website visitors, employees, partners and vendors. The software is a means to convert/encode on the fly video to an easy to watch web format. We are the encoding/transcoding solution while Companies like Limelight, Brightcove, edgecast, are some of the top companies the can deliver the hight quality content to your customers.

About dzine it, inc.

dzine it, inc. is a website development/design and software programming company that specializes in creating robust solutions that answer companies’ needs.

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Video-Encoding Software Allows Companies To Stream Their Own Videos
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