Website Offers Radical New Online Therapy For Free Suicide Relief

September 8, 2008

In preparation for World Suicide Prevention Day on the 10th of September, a free online therapy website has been launched at . It unveils a revolutionary new form of therapy which is claimed to avoid the difficulties and dangers of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which is still widely used..

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia (PRnine – September 8, 2008) – Hugo Bonham a volunteer Counsellor at Lifeline on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia is being heralded as a shining example of the 2008 World Suicide Prevention Day motto: “Think Globally, Plan Nationally, Act Locally”.

In preparation for World Suicide Prevention Day on the 10th of September, Mr Bonham has been acting locally by preparing a free online therapy website at which is now available.

He claims that this website is positioned to have a global influence on suicide statistics if only people who are suicidal could find out about it, and he said how sad he was that it came too late to help All Saint’s actor, Mark Priestley.

“All you have to do if you are suicidal is go to and push the play button. As you listen to the recording your Inner Wisdom will be guided to heal the pain in you which makes you want to end it all,” said Mr Bonham.

When asked if this therapy recording used Hypnosis he replied: “No, this therapy is something almost like a miracle that I stumbled on in November 2006. I found that if a Client simply closes their eyes and feels their body then their own unconscious thought processes can communicate with them and act in the background to help them.”

Mr Bonham explained that he has proven and polished Inner Wisdom Therapy in a pilot program involving hundreds of Clients since November 2006 and has found it extremely effective for a wide variety of mental health disorders. “Even the symptoms of supposedly incurable disorders like schizophrenia can be healed with Inner Wisdom Therapy, this is a revolution in what is possible,” said Mr Bonham.

When asked about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT, which is the standard therapy recommended for use with Suicidal Clients, Mr Bonham said that the tide is gradually turning against CBT. He said that “Universities may never admit that CBT is actually dangerous in the way that it is presently practiced. CBT needs to be used on the subconscious source of the mental health problem rather than suppressing the source of the problem by consciously denying irrational thoughts. Actually the heart of Inner Wisdom Therapy is subconscious CBT.” Mr Bonham claimed that there is scientific evidence to back his critical attitude to CBT.

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