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September 5, 2008

The beauty and value which characterize the gaming web portal  – now boosted with new online slots

New York, NY (PRnine – September 5, 2008) -The fast pace with which Casino States has been adding rich content related to casino gaming was recently reflected in the new online slots now featured on the site.

The newest addition to the string of casino gaming contents being released by Casino States is its Online Slot Machines. This area of online gaming is backed up with sophisticated technology courtesy of modern slot machine software from

The online slot machines which were added to the existing collection of casino games serve to satisfy the growing appetite for the thrilling game. Because of most U.S. players’ desire to play the popular casino game, Casino States has found it necessary to make the new addition so as to increase the number of gaming options available to players.

According to the CEO of Casino States Online, Mr. Lopez, “the main reason why we added the new slot machines in software format is because of the need to fill in the gap created by player’s desire for them. This is in addition to leveling up with the stiff competition among major casino players who offer the online slot option.”

There is no better way to enjoy playing your top choice of slot game than by giving the new software a try. The site’s slot gaming platform has been back-tested and forward tested in real time and beta mode.

This is simply to make the slot masterpiece 100% ready and as flawless as possible for players’ use. It is therefore to the credit of that there has been a lot of positive feedback on the use of the online slot software.

Casino States does not just roll out its new online slots to every interested user in the U.S.; it goes a step further to add a guarantee to this offer so that casino gamers can count on the reliability of the slot software when making their wagers.

Mr. Lopez sheds more light on the site’s new online slots. “For some of Casino States’ online players, slot in lots remains the name of the game. Since we have identified this vacuum, we needed to step into the scene in order to make sure that they enjoy the full potential of our site.”

You can test out Casino States’ new virtual slot machine with a reel to begin your ride of fun. With so much room for all online casino players to hop on board, missing the novel offer simply means missing out entirely.

Fast and efficient payouts from the strong room at reveal the need to try out the new slot machines. A closer assessment made by the average avid online casino gamer will show that unlike other types of slot software, nothing less than full satisfaction will be derived from the slot setup from Casino States.

Some of the common types of slots available through Casino States’ software are 3 and 5 reel slots, Bonus Slots, Progressive Jackpots, Payout Line and Video Slots. Casino States is still working towards adding more variety to its latest collection outlined above.

“Until then,” says Mr.Lopez, “enjoy a sweet slotting spree with love from”

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