Comprehensive Online Portal On Finance Launches

September 3, 2008

The latest buzz in the world of finance comes on stream courtesy of the brains at

New Jersey, USA (PRnine – September 3, 2008) – It’s the new story in the United States’ financial circles; a novel website dedicated to all things financials has been set up with the aim of bringing the latest discourse together on a single roundtable.

The brainchild which is the credited to its CEO, Mr. Fisher has been launched with about a dozen topics related to personal and corporate finances, investment and commerce. For now, it is mainly aimed at U.S. citizens and residents., the central site is a careful collection of a number of topics which currently cover Taxes, Credits, Insurance, Loans, Forex Trading, Banking, etc are all geared towards providing the right source for news in the large U.S. financial industry.

“As a virtual one-stop spot for financial happenings within the U.S., tips and advice on the real worth of your money, the first and last choice for every business minded investor, trader or individual is,” the organization’s CEO Mr. Fisher says.

Because of the fact that at the moment, there is a U.S. economic slowdown, many web users such as students, employers, workers, household wives have found very useful and rewarding.

In their search for financial news and incentives like student online loans, investment opportunities, financial information and so on, has proven to be the best web portal for these hot searches.

“There is no doubt that there are similar sites to ours, but what makes stand out is the fact that there are daily and regular updates to help members and visitors stay abreast of the latest headlines within the U.S. financial marketplace,” Mr. Fisher adds during the interview.

With a forum made available for all members to enable them share more information among themselves and give everyone a sense of community, leaves no stone unturned in its quest to give them the best.

A currency converter has also been added to the features of the site’s homepage especially for the benefit of forex investors and business oriented folks who wish to make quick calculations. You can do a fast check on other countries’ currencies right from the landing page of

Mr. Fisher goes further to comment on signing up to be a member, “…another good piece of news is with regards to getting registered as a member of, there is simply no dime required to do so in order to begin enjoying the countless benefits of our new site.”

So for those who have been scouting around to get the real deal in financial stories, breaking news, advice, invaluable information and more at zero cost, you are guaranteed all these by visiting

The guys at understand that you don’t need to take out your wallet at every given instance just to get what’s meant to be free.

“It’s through this site that you stand to gain thousands of dollars worth of financial information for no single charge,” Mr. Fisher concludes.

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