Pplinvest.com, the “Virtual Stock Exchange” For Small and Medium Business Launches Today

September 1, 2008

Itzhak Schier, Chabad-Lubavitch cyberentrepreneur, announces the launch of Pplinvest.com, billed as the “answer to NASDAQ” for new and existing small to medium businesses.

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine (PRnine – September 1, 2008) – Pplinvest.com (http://www.pplinvest.com), the People to People Investment Exchange, is a peer to peer network site that enables entrepreneurs in search of funding for their businesses to list shares or other forms of investment on the site so that people with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to invest in real businesses can do so easily and safely.

The Pplinvest.com beta site offers different levels of membership depending on whether a member wants to list investment opportunities, provide related services, maintain a profile, blog and other information listings, or to search for and find small to medium businesses to invest in. It also allows a budding entrepreneur to post a single listing. All use of the site is on a paid membership basis so as to guarantee a safe investment environment while avoiding dependence on outside advertising.

While the site is geared toward businesses looking for seed or growth/expansion capital, it is also possible to sell an entire business via Pplinvest.com.

Although Pplinvest.com is intended to fill a need for small and medium business owners who seek investment, there is no minimum or maximum amount of capital that can be sought via Pplinvest.com. The exchange transfers investment funds directly from the investor to the entrepreneur via PayPal once proper documentation and other requirements set by the investor have been met.

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