Lost and Found Persons Searchable at WeCareTexas.com for Hurricane Gustav

August 30, 2008

Our service of locating and updating person’s whereabouts is now available for use prior to Hurricane Gustav making land fall.

Dallas, TX (PRnine – August 30, 2008) – Our service of locating and updating person’s whereabouts is now available for use prior to Hurricane Gustav making land fall. We are having this Press Release so the media can let people know prior to Hurricane Gustav making landfall that the is one location people in America can go to, to help locate their friends, family and loved ones.

WeCareTexas.com hosted the largest (over 213,000) continually updated, SEARCHABLE database of Hurricane Katrina missing persons. Plus, it provides a free automatic telephone calling service to continually dial numbers of missing persons until they are found. The American Red Cross, CNN and MSNBC missing person’s lists were combined, so searches are easier.

The first benefit was that the COMBINED database can be searched from the site by first name or last name, and names and notes can be added by anyone to the site.

We offered FREE Auto Dialing missing Persons’ Telephone Numbers as the second service offered by WeCareTexas.com. The service continually called a specified number entered by a searcher until that number answers and then the system delivers an automated recorded message advising them to contact friends and family. We no longer have this option due to a lack of a corporate sponsor or endorsement.

Interested parties can engage this service through the www.WeCareTexas.com website and contact Thomas@wecaretexas.com for further information.

About www.WeCareTexas.com

WeCareTexas.com, an On the Mark, Inc. public Service website, was originally created August 1, 2005, as a portal through which all Texans could access immediate information by auto generated email from any authorized agency, but our focus changed due to Hurricane Katrina.

There is a NATIONAL NEED for an organization like WeCareTexas.com to host the most complete and up-to-date information website should a hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, mudslide, tsunami, or other disaster strike, man made or by nature. This site will provide information regarding resources for medical, housing, food and water, transportation, communication, and search information for lost relatives and loved ones. WeCareTexas.com would like to be affiliated with the American Red Cross and other organizations to focus their efforts to their skills, thereby ensuring citizens get the most accurate source of critical information immediately, when they require it most.

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Media Contact Information:
Thomas Gross
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