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What is a press release?

At its core, a press release (also known as a news or media release) is a way to inform the news media about a new product, service, event, or other newsworthy item.  Its primary goal is to inform a reporter, journalist, or editor and to give them a lead into a potential news story.

With the growth of the Internet, press releases are now also used to enhance search engine rankings and to inform consumers and citizen journalists (bloggers).

Press releases can be sent out by companies or individuals and are appropriate for both.

Why should I use a press release?

Press releases are an integral part of any advertising, promotional, or search engine optimization campaign.  If your press release is picked up by the media, it will provide a level of coverage, authenticity, objectivity, and prestige that is absolutely unavailable with traditional advertising.  Press releases are generally regarded as having the single greatest return-on-investment of any form of marketing communications.

With online press release distribution your press release will continue to work for you by significantly enhancing your search visibility and search engine rankings, generating buzz in online communities and news websites, and providing a way to directly inform consumers and citizen journalists about your news.

What is targeted press release distribution?

Targeted press release distribution is one of our specialties.  First, a client submits a press release for targeted distribution and indicates the broad industry that their company or news event is most closely associated with.  We then research the release and use our database of over 535,000 media contacts to find journalists, editors, and reporters that have expressed interest or written on your industry.  We then create a distribution list using these specific individuals as our contacts for your press release to be distributed to.

What are the benefits of targeted press release distribution?

Targeted press release distribution can put your press release directly in front of journalists, reporters, and editors who have an expressed interest or have written on your industry.  With such specific targeting it can greatly enhance the changes that your press release will be picked up by a major media outlet and gives you direct access to news decision makers across the world.  The single greatest benefit of targeted press release distribution is its ability to match up your news and company with a suitable media contact and to leverage that match to make your press release have a significantly higher chance of being picked up.

How does press release writing work?

Our press release writing services lets you take advantage of our years of experience and have us write a press release that is more likely to be picked up by the media than one written by non-professionals.

Once you have ordered our press release writing services, we’ll evaluate the information that you have provided to us.  Once we’re satisfied with knowing what we can from the initial order form, we’ll initiate contact with you via email or telephone (we prefer telephone) to discuss the nature of your press release as well as your goals and more background information.

We use this information to write a press release that incorporates the features you want, including keywords and anchor text links, and then submit a draft to you for approval.  We allow unlimited revisions and will work closely with you to write a press release that exceeds your needs.  Once we have your approval then the press release is yours to either distribute through us or a competing service.

What is your turnaround time on press release writing?

We can generally deliver a rough draft within four business days. The reason for the length is that we like to research your company, industry, and learn more about your product/service before writing. If there are problems or if we need clarification on topics related to your press release that may delay delivery of our initial draft, we will contact you via email or telephone.

Do you have writing samples?

Yes.  Please view our writing samples.

What are your press release guidelines?

Here are our guidelines for submitting a press release to us for distribution. Be sure to follow the guidelines as closely as possible to minimize any potential problems with your release. We also provide press release writing services if you need help getting a press release written or formatted properly.

1. Be sure that your release is submitted in the proper format. See our press release template for help.

2. If we have a problem with your submission we will contact you, generally within 24 hours. Please do not make multiple submissions of the same press release.

3. Your press release should say something. You’ve got to be sure that what you’re announcing is newsworthy and not just an advertisement. The more newsworthy it is the more likely it is to get wide media pickup.

If your press release is written like an advertisement, is overly “salesy”, includes very strong calls to action (“You can do this NOW!”, “Contact us now for more information!” etc.) there is less of a chance of it being published by us and/or picked up by news media. We may ask you to rewrite your press release in the event it does not meet this standard. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and understate what you’re trying to say. Reserve advertising pitches for advertisements, not press releases.

4. Be sure that your press release doesn’t link back to an AdSense, affiliate marketing, or adult site. When in doubt, just be sure that your release and site are appropriate for the general public.

5. We do not publish press releases who have URLs that redirect to different sites. If you are willing to submit a press release you should be willing to have your real URL displayed. If your press release is found to have a deceptive URL, you will be asked to correct it.

Please note that we reserve the right to modify your press release in such a way that it better conforms to the requirements and needs of our distribution partners or when it can significantly enhance SEO. Generally, these modifications will be minor. If we feel that our modifications will significantly impact your press release we will contact you via email prior to making changes.

Do you have a press release template?

Yes.  Here it is:

Short, direct headline – under 120 characters for search engine optimization

Brief subheadline – less than 3 sentences summarizing your release.

City, State (PRnine – Date): The body of your release beginshere. Your first paragraph is the lead paragraph, it’s the most important. Be sure to write it so that if someone just reads that one paragraph they’d have a good idea what the rest of the release is about. Keep it short and make sure that any claims you make are verifiable and not marketing hype. This is not an advertisement.

The rest of the release should be supporting evidence for the claims you’ve made – but keep it short, nothing more than about 500 words unless you have significant news to announce. Be sure to write in the third person and don’t get overly technical or try to sell your news too hard.

The last bit of your release should be something about your company (be sure to include the company name), when it was founded, and what it offers. Keep it to 1-2 sentences if possible. It would be best if the final paragraph was preceded with “About (Your Company Name Here)” so readers know why you’re talking about your company suddenly.

Insert the symbols ### to announce the end of your release.

Lastly, include information on how to contact you so that individuals or the press can learn more. Here’s a sample:

Your Name
Your position (optional)
Company Name
Company address (optional)
321-123-4567 (contact phone number)

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of having your website rank well for particular keywords on major search engines.  SEO is primarily concerned with “organic” rankings – those rankings that are not paid for but that rise to the top of search results naturally.

What does PRnine do to enhance SEO?

We are the most SEO friendly and enhanced press release distribution service.  Our SEO features include:

  • We’ve programmed our site to be transparent to search engines – making us the most search engine friendly and easily accessible press release distribution company online.
  • We allow unlimited anchor text links and images which allows you to build up quality backlinks.
  • We are the first online press release distribution company to offer semantic tagging for your press release, greatly enhancing search visibility.
  • Choose your own Technorati tags to enhance reach to online blogs.
  • The most search engine friendly URLs available – they include your full headline and your industry.
  • Title, meta descriptions, and meta tags generated from your content.
  • Permanent hosting at our site for long-term SEO benefits.

Our SEO enhancements are unique among online press release distribution companies and offer a real bargain when combined with our cost effective pricing plans.

How do I send you my press release?

After you’ve selected the press release distribution plan you want on our ordering page you’ll be taken to our order form. From there you’ll be asked to input some basic information about your press release and be able to upload your press release to send to us. You can paste your press release into our form, or to preserve links and formatting upload your press release either as a Microsoft Word or OpenOffice document.

Can I include live anchor text links in my press release?

If your press release is in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice format you can include unlimited (within reason, of course) live anchor text links. These links will be included in the press release as it appears online. However, please note that press releases distributed to media or journalists is sent in plain text and has no live links.

Please note that all links are subject to review and may be removed if they are not relevant to the press release.

Can I assign tags/keywords to my press release?

Yes, there is a field on our order form for inputting tags/keywords. These tags and keywords will not appear in the press release that is distributed to media and journalists but will appear in the online version of your press release and will be included in all online distributions.

Can you help me write a press release?

Yes, we offer professional press release writing services.

Can I delete or edit a press release after I upload it?

If you want a press release pulled or edited before distribution please use our contact form and select “Edit/Delete Press Release”. In the message portion of the form let us know the title of your press release as well and what changes/edits are needed. Once a distribution has been sent it cannot be edited.

Can I include HTML in a press release?

Generally, no. You can include live anchor text links in your press release (as long as it is in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice format). Any other HTML code will not be displayed on our site nor included in press release distribution.

What is the URL of my press release?

After your press release has been distributed and published we will send you an email that includes a link to your press release on our site.

Do you accept press releases sent via email?

Generally, no. If you are having trouble using our form or encounter other technical difficulties we will make exceptions and accept your press release via email. However, please note that we will send you an invoice and this must be paid before distribution can begin. If you do encounter technical problems we encourage you to notify us through our contact form so we can correct or investigate the problem.