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Can I add a photo or image to a press release?

Absolutely!  You can include and unlimited (within reason) amount images and logos in your press release.  If you require video please contact us and we’ll help you get the video online. We will be offering enhanced video offerings soon.

Images and logos will only be displayed and distributed online. All press releases that are distributed to the media for targeted distribution are sent in plain text format.

Can I add video, PDF, or MP3 to a press release?

No, at this time we do not allow video, PDF, or MP3s to be added to press releases on our website. Please recall that all press releases are distributed to journalists in plain text format.

How do I remove a photo or image from a press release?

If you would like to remove a photo or image from your press release online please use our online contact form and select “Edit/Delete Press Release”. Let us know the title of your press release and what you wanted changed, edited, or removed. We generally can complete your request within 24 hours.